Llama, Bamboo & Merino Wool Shawl - Moss

Biek Verstappen

$1,220.00 CAD 

  • Llama, Bamboo & Merino Wool Shawl - Moss
  • Llama, Bamboo & Merino Wool Shawl - Moss
  • Llama, Bamboo & Merino Wool Shawl - Moss

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From her atelier in a 19th century warehouse in the center of Amsterdam, Biek Verstappen creates wearable cloths using natural fibres such as raw silk and bamboo, angora, camel and yak hair as well as wool from several breeds of sheep. During the entire process, from selecting the perfect Wensleydale curl to dyeing the fibres, she works in solitude, relying on her instinct and enjoying the quietness, intimacy, peace and softness inherent to the material. 

Getting to know the behavior of each type of fibre and playing with its properties is what challenges her. Through her combinations, she creates a depth within the cloth. This gets magnified during dyeing, with each fibre reacting differently to the pigment, eventually resulting in a three dimensional piece that reflects her emotions and roots, as well as the drama and capriciousness of its natural origin.

Unique, textured shawl created from baby llama, bamboo and merino wool fibers on a wool crepe base.

Colour palette - 'moss'.

Measures 1.5 by 2.5 metres.

Handmade in Holland.

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